What are today’s homebuyers looking for?

The real estate industry is always evolving. People’s lifestyles have changed, and so has what they look for in a home. Here are some of the things today’s buyers prioritize:


  1. Updated kitchen and bath. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be costly, so buyers tend to prefer homes where these renovations have already been completed. This frees up money for them to make other changes and updates to the home.


  1. Open concept living and entertainment spaces. Today’s homeowners prefer open living spaces where friends and family can hang out. Young families especially appreciate being able to see what their children are up to from anywhere in the house.


  1. Energy efficiency. Cost savings and environmental concerns make energy-efficient features another top priority for today’s home buyers. New windows, dual-energy heating systems, and digital thermostats are features they find appealing.


  1. Home office. More and more people work from home, so a dedicated home office – or space to make one – is also a strong selling feature.


  1. Lots of storage. Walk-in closets, kitchen cupboards, pantries, large garages, basements – the more storage the better for today’s home buyers.


  1. Easy maintenance. Everyone is busy, so a home that’s in great shape and requires little in the way of maintenance will top home buyers’ wish lists.


What features are important to you in a home?



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