Spring cleaning your yard for the all important curb appeal!

Your yard is the first view potential buyers have when they drive up to view your house. ……It is your first chance to create that all important positive feeling about your house!
Here are a few suggestions to make things easy:
• Pick up fallen branches, debris, dead leaves, dead vines, annuals that were not removed in the fall
• Cut perennial grasses
• Remove damaged branches from trees & shrubs
• Start raking/dethatching the lawn
• Fertilize & re-seed the lawn
• Add compost to garden beds
• Prepare the vegetable garden
• Clean gutters
• Clean walkways
• Check the fencing
• Have the lawnmowers serviced if they were not in the fall
• Go through what was stored in the cabana & throw away what is damp & moldy
• Visit your local garden center to see what you would like to plant in your gardens
o And make a plan!
o Don’t forget to include flowering plants that attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies….
A great yard adds value to your home!
And if selling is on your mind, please don’t forget to call me!