Selling Your Property: How Much Should You Expect

Home much to sell your homeHow do you know, when you wish to place your home ‘on the market’, what price to expect? You certainly don’t want to under price it and you don’t want to overprice it either, since this could mean not selling at all.

To answer this all important question requires a logical and statistical study of the current marketplace where homes are being bought and sold. You don’t need opinion, you need substantiated facts concerning the state of the market and how your property fits in.  Appraisals by banks and insurance companies don’t really tell the tale because they are concerned with their own markets, namely – making sure mortgage and insurance values are covered.

To accomplish the answer requires a real estate appraisal done by a knowledgeable real estate agent, willing to take the time and show you on paper what your property’s “market value” range is and also to suggest a reasonable “asking price”, so as to invite a potential purchaser.

Determining this ‘market value’ clearly has its advantages. Knowledgeable homebuyers out there looking along with their agents will recognize that your agent has asked on your behalf, a price that is in keeping with a fair value for your home, and this invariably leads to a quicker sale at a higher price for you and your family.

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