Selling Your Home: Should You Hire a Real Estate Broker?

Home for sale by the ownerWith all the different websites, books, and other resources popping up that promises to give you all the know-how and tools you’ll need to sell your home yourself, it’s only normal that you should think about it when selling your home.

Not only are there a number of factors that will work against this tactic but it might also place you at a distinct disadvantage!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a professional to sell your home:

  • One of the most compelling reasons is the evidence that over 97% of sales are completed through real estate brokers which leaves less than 3% of the market available for private sales.
  • Potential buyers looking at these private sales are searching for and expecting a bargain price! – These “bargain hunters” are those that usually do their homework and undercut the market, sometimes considerably! – And part of the bargain is to discount an agent’s commission as well!
  • Qualifying a potential buyer is an important part of an agent’s responsibility: if a buyer does not have capability, why should he visit your house!
  • An agent also has the advantage of negotiating objectively on a homeowner’s behalf – the agent completes a substantiated market study that indicates price range and the correct position in the marketplace.
  • When selling your own home, it is often difficult not to get involved emotionally which is understandable since most grow emotionally attached to their home. An agent can help you objectively evaluate the situation and provide valuable unbiased advice.
  • Preparation, marketing, networking, – a “professional” agent has the inside track and can provide your home more exposure than if you sell it on your own!
  • Correct paper-work, inspections, notary, rules and regulations – a “knowledgeable” agent can prove to be invaluable!

When selling your home, you’ll want to be sure your investment is well represented. Using a professional real estate broker is certainly worth it, considering the time and effort they can save you and the expertise they can bring to the sale of your home.