Outdoor rooms

Whether you have a small backyard or a large one, the trick to creating a fun and relaxing space is to take it one section at a time. Just like your home has rooms with a function for each space, your backyard serves many purposes as well. Activities will be different from one homeowner to the next but there are some common functions we can look at in this limited space.

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Now think about dividing those areas into outdoor rooms. If you’re like most people, the backyard is one big square with activities spaced out throughout the yard. You may have the barbeque in one area, the kids’ swing set or jungle gym in another, the picnic table or outdoor dining area in yet another and so on.

Start thinking about divisions and transitions… a big plant there, a small walkway there with a few patio stones, a hammock between 2 trees, a trellis, or a couple of plant pots. It doesn’t take long before you’re starting to see how you can create some visual interest and add form to function in your yard. But remember to leave lots of room for the kids to play.
With summer garage sales still in full swing, you can pick up a few items to enhance the look of your new rooms: an old table to put by the barbeque with a plant on it, a few planters, old chairs or old bikes. Your kids can help – you can even let them choose a couple of things for their room in the backyard.

Let your imagination run free and create something that invites you outside to explore and enjoy.


This article was written by Arlene Griffin, Marketing Consultant & Writer. Visit her website at www.arlenewrites.com.

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