Home Seller’s Checklist

Check list

Although the process to get ready to sell your home may seem like common sense, it is worthwhile to keep a checklist of things to do. With careful planning and a little work you can turn your house into an irresistible and marketable home.

A buyer’s attention is naturally drawn to something that’s not quite right so start with the obvious repairs such as a cracked tile, paint touch-ups, a burned out light bulb, etc.

  • Are the mechanical and electrical systems working efficiently
  • Is the powder room fan making noise
  • Has the furnace been serviced regularly
  • Are the electrical outlets functioning properly
  • Is the sump pump in good working condition

If in doubt, call the serviceman!

Organize and make sure you de-clutter. Make rooms more spacious by removing what is not needed. Buyers like to “picture” themselves in the home. So when someone visits, if possible put personal items aside such as family pictures. Clean up the basement and the garage and neatly store possessions not being used such as Christmas decorations in a designated area. Take some time to recycle, throw out or donate things that are not going to be used again. This will also make your eventual move much easier.

The outside is every bit as important! Create curb appeal by giving your house an inviting look that makes the prospective buyer want to stop and see the inside of your house.

  • Keep your yard manicured
  • Keep driveway and walkways free of dust and debris
  • Are there a loose shingles
  • Are the eaves troughs flowing freely
  • Does the wood deck need refreshing

Don’t forget the senses! Flowers and pleasant background music – to appeal to the senses! Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.