Clean and tidy

If you don’t spend a lot of time in the yard, it can become a dumping ground for a lot of leftovers: wood from building projects, old plant pots, unused toys from grown children and more. And if you’re busy, a glance in that direction can send you off on a bike ride or back to the office.

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It’s not that bad! Commit to spending one morning or one afternoon and you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make. Here are a few tips on tackling the unloved parts of your yard:

1.    Start with a firm resolve to get rid of anything you haven’t used since last summer.
2.    Toys that are still in good shape can be sprayed with the hose, dried in the sun and put in a garbage bag to give away. Places that accept used toys include the Source d’Entraide in St. Lazare, the Salvation Army at Sources and Gouin, Village des Valeurs on Sources at de Salaberry or other thrift stores you know.
3.    Old wood that’s rotting needs to go. Either burn it in an outdoor fireplace or tie it up in manageable pieces and call your town hall to ask how to dispose of it. Organize the wood that you’re keeping in a tidy pile, preferably hidden from sight.
4.    Some nurseries take back plant pots and styrofoam flats (separated into 2 bags) – don’t keep more than you’ll use.
5.    Anything broken that you haven’t fixed in more than a year needs to go. If you have garden equipment that can be repaired, pull out the yellow pages and start calling – bring it there the same day if possible.
6.    Give anything that looks dirty or worse a good scrub with the hose and a brush or even with sandpaper. Metal can be painted with rust-proof paint and garden furniture can be made chic with a nice summery colour.

Once you’ve done the clean, it’s time for tidy. Group like things together so create separate spaces for bikes, garden equipement, toys, etc. Hide what you can; an 8-foot wooden lattice panel can create a garden focal point and hide the messy stuff.

It’s probably not as bad as you think it is and it will feel so good to tackle it and make it right. You’ll love the new look and it won’t break the bank.


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