Back door charm

Now it’s time to do the backyard equivalent of curb appeal. Take your coffee and chair and sit at the edge of your backyard (or have a coffee with your backyard neighbour in their yard!) and look at the back of your house. You’re doing the same exercise you did in the front.

What do you see? What do you like about it? And what seems unfinished or unappealing? You might want to add a few solar garden lights (they should really be on sale now, if there are any left), or a trellis by the back door. Maybe the siding needs to be washed or the windows need fresh trim paint. Is the barbeque in the right room – close to the kitchen door but away from the eating area? Do you need to add color?

Again, trust your judgment. You’ll know what you like and don’t like as you sit there jotting down your impressions. If you can afford professional help, that’s great. But if you can’t, the key is to start small and build. Ask a friend who has a green thumb to help with plants, or a friend who’s great with colour for advice on paint. It can be a great multi-year project that will get you excited about your backyard.



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